MSI OPTIX G271 Review with Specification | Best budget gaming monitor

  • MSI Optix G271 is powered with an IPS panel that reduces the Image distortion and with the Minimum Color Shift.
  • Provides a Fast Refresh Rate of 144HZ with 1MS response time.
  • MSI Optix anti-flicker technology that eliminates Flicker.
  • AMD Free Sync technology provides a decent image quality without Screen Tearing with a 178-degree wide-angle.
  • Optix G271 produces less blue Light so that you can play games, watch movies, stream for a longer period of time without eye Strain.


MSI Optix G271 review

MSI Optix G271 is an Esports gaming Monitor that provides exceptional Gaming Experiences with a fast frame rate of the 144HZ and 1MS response time. Optix G271 will provide a competitive gaming console to play games at the high-end settings giving ultra-smooth gameplay. Here we will provide detail about the MSI Optix G271 review.


Optix G271 is among the affordable MSI gaming Monitors powered with 1920×1080, 144HZ refresh rate and will give you a competitive edge. Free sync technology inbuilt in MSI Optix G271 provides the ultra-smooth refresh rate matched with GPU ensuring ultra-smooth gameplay. In the same way, the IPS panel eliminates the image distortion and with the minimum color shift while viewing from different angles. IPS panel ensures crystal clear display quality with enriched color and brightness.

Even fast-paced gamers can get the maximum out of the 144hZ refresh rate and 1mS response time. The color and the frame transition are on the next level pushing immersion to its limits.  MSI anti-flicker technology provides an amazing viewing experience with reduced flicker and comfortable viewing angles. We have tried to cover all with Optix  g271 review including the screen flexibility. The adjustment availability of tilting (-5°~20°) helps you to play the game comfortably in every possible position. And with the less amount of blue light emitted, you can play games, watch your favorite movies for an even larger period of time without even worrying about eye strain and fatigue. Here we have almost covered all regarding MSI Optix G271 review.

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Additional information





display size


Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080

Item Weight

14.52 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.4 x 7.1 x 15.8 inches


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