Sceptre ips 24 gaming monitor 165hz 144hz full hd (Best Buying and Review Guide)

  • IPS panel that delivers the top color viewing experiences along with the sharp visinlity from the different viewing angles.
  • Delivers up to the 165HZ of refers rate that provide the gamers with ultimate gaming experiences, with the no sign  of the blurred image and shaky frames transition.
  • AMD Free Sync technology that boost the smoothness of the videos and eliminates tearing of the frames ,pixels during refresh rate.
  • Top notch design with 1080p resolution and 165 HZ refresh rate.
  • Blue light shifts that protects the eyes from harmful blue lights.
  • Vesa Wall mount that helps you adjust the screen in any possible position.



Sceptre Ips 24 gaming monitor

Featuring Sceptre Ips 24 gaming monitor from Sceptre. From reviewing differents brands to suggesting different gaming consoles we have managed to review Sceptre Ips 24 monitor. We have categorized the Sceptre Ips into various segments.

We have given 5 stars out of 5 in value for money, 4.6 stars for gaming, and 4.7 for the screen brightness and picture quality. The Sceptre Ips 24 weighs around 6.1lbs and looks perfect in your working space. Undoubtedly, the monitor delivers top colour performance and visibility due to the presence of the IPS panel. High-end games will run smoothly with instant frame transition without blurred images. As a matter of fact, it is powered with the 165HZ refresh rate that gives you a smooth frame transition.

With this in the mind, Sceptre did not lack behind in giving an edgeless design to this bad boy. The image looks awesome in 1080p resolution and 165HZ refresh rate.  AMD Radeon Free Sync technology allows the gamers to play on top-notch graphics as it eliminates tearing and stuttering of the images. AMD Free Sync provides a smooth and Seamless transition of pixels even in fast-paced games.

Sceptre IPS

Sceptre Ips powered with fast response time provides the point pixels response that completely minimizes ghosting and blurring while watching at a higher refresh rate and from any angle. Sceptre 24 is among the best Ips 24 monitor with built speakers that provides the audio in whole next level. Playing your favourite games and watching movies with friends will be more exciting with Sceptre 24 monitor.

With attention to protecting eye fatigue and strain it has got blue light shifts. You can now watch mob=vies  and play games for a longer period of time without having to worry about the eye strain. sceptre is 24 gaming monitor

VESA wall mount in Sceptre 24 allows you to mount the monitor in any possible position with ease.




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Additional information



Item Weight

6.1 pounds

Product Dimensions

21.26 x 15.53 x 5.45 inches

Screen Resolution

1920 x 1080 Pixels


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